Performance Analysis In IP Over WDM Networks

Increasing Internet applications gave rise to a necessity for much more bandwidth and higher communication speeds. In this study; We made the performance analysis of IP over WDM Networks that supply faster Internet and network connections and that meet increasing demand of bandwidth in paralel to the increasing number of Internet applications and compared proposed model with present Internet Networks.

To accomplish this; The hardware of current Internet network, WDM over SDH over ATM over IP model is installed between Ankara and İstanbul (that are biggest two city of Turkey) and a peformance tests were run. Following up, the ATM and SDH hardware were uninstalled and performance tests were run connecting IP with WDM directly. Comparing the test results of the two model, it was seen that the new model has beter results then the current model.

While the model proposed in this article which discards ATM and SDH hardware results in %40 of increased performance, it also eliminates the maintenance and operation cost of these networks fort the Telecom operators.

Makalenin devamı için Dr. Cebrail Taşkın ile irtibata geçiniz.