Internet Crime

After the evolution of the Internet, we have introduced another type of crime. This new crime is called internet crime. What is this? How people are commit a crime using Internet?

Internet crime is crime committed on the Internet, using the Internet and computer. Computer crime is a general term that includes such crimes as credit card frauds, bank robbery, illegal downloading, child pornography, kidnapping children via chat rooms, cyberterrorism. All such crimes are computer related crimes.

The number of internet users are always growing. Every day half million new Internet users are added. They don’t know how to protect their computers and internet connections. They have been exposing their computer without any security precaution. As a parallel of number of Internet users, Internet crime is increasing. That’s why Internet crime has now become a growing problem in the world.

There are different types of Internet crime type. People can be involved in it easily. Internet crimes can be separated into two different categories. There are crimes that are only committed while being on the Internet and are created exclusively because of the World Wide Web. Hackers  use one computer in one country to hack another computer in another country.

The typical crimes in criminal history are now being brought to a whole different level of innovation. Such new crimes relating to the Internet are email phishing, hijacking domain names, virus and cyber vandalism. A couple of these crimes are activities that have been exposed and introduced into the world.

Other crimes such as email “phishing” are not as known to the public until an individual receives one of these fraudulent emails. These emails are cover faced by the illusion that the email is from your bank or another bank. When a person reads the email he/she is informed of a problem with he/she personal account or another individual wants to send the person some of their money and deposit it directly into their account. The email asks for your personal account information and when a person gives this information away, they are financing the work of a criminal.

Let’s try to find answer of question about how to these crimes are solved. What should we do? I think this problem can not be solved by ourself, we will need stable step that is organized by government.

People can do that;

-We can change of the our email accounts, which are involved in virus attacks.

-We can change our email’s password in order to prevent phishing emails.

-We can solve virus problems by installing virus protection software. This software can protect our computers.

-We can put a password our wireless modem connections. Otherwise, our neighbors can access to this connection. If they commit any crime, we will be criminal.  If any crime occurs, in this case the police can find very easily using IP adress.

-We can do as individual our best to protect ourselves simply by being cautious and careful.

-We need to watch suspicious emails, use unique passwords, and run anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Should not open any email or run programs from unknown sources.

I think people is doing something about solve this problem, but this is not enough. We need Governmental organization support to get over this problem.

Turkish Police have been trying many programs and investigations in order to deter Internet crime. They build a new department relating to Internet crime. Turkish Government is also working for new law to avoid of this crime. There are new law draft that is waiting for approval in TBMM.

I hope after the 2007 election, new government will work in order to prevent this crime.

Cebrail TAŞKIN

June 27th 2007