A Real News

I will tell you a real news. Really, I’ve lived this news. It was a very dangerous and diffucult day for me. The date was the second week of December in 1997. I had just come to Turkey from England. My parents were living in Kırıkkale. I was working in Adapazarı in a company, Thats Why  I went to visit my parents first. After my family visit in Kırıkkale, I had to go back Adapazarı again. Two days later I bought a bus ticket and I got on the bus.

The time was nearly 3 o’clock in the morning while Our Bus was climbing  Bolu Mountain. Suddenly a truck that was caming from opposite direction exploded. Later The truck started burning. All of the passenger who were in shock were shouting wildly. They had been frigtened by the expolosion. The truck was burning and everybody was wating with fear.

Our Bus driver drove back immediately and passengers rushed from the area. The motorway was closed to traffic. Traffic Police who came to area took security steps. The truck was still burning but nobody was going there. I had a camera that I was carriying in my luggage. I thought twice and decided to go event place.

I took out my camera from the luggage and started to run towards the truck. It was very difficult and dangerous for me. Because maybe the truck could explode again and I could die. When I arrived there, the truck’s driver had just left his truck. The truck was being looked very bad and wildly. I saw the truck’s driver  away from the  area. He was lying on the ground silently. He was being loked good and  he was living. At once I started to film everything.

The truck was burning terrbly but nothing was being done. Later The traffic police called the fire brigade. Until fire brigade came to the area, some people tried put out  the burning with shovels. But they couldn’t do anything. When the fire brigade came, the time was almost 5 o’ clock. Firemen put out the fire inside 15 minute. The motorway reopened again. When our bus driver moved again, I had taken  film all of the event.

I arrived in Adapazarı in the morning. I went to İhlas news agency with my camera at first. İhlas’s correspendents said to me “ Your film was very good news and You should take it to İstanbul”. After  speaking, lots of directors of television channels called me and said “ come to them”. I thought a lot and decided to go Show Television.

Show’s correspendents took to me their studio. I met Mr. Reha Muhtar. Mr Muhtar asked me lots of questions abaut the event. I told him everyting. We watched my film together. After he saw the film, he said to me “ congratulation, it was good news”. When the clock showed 19.30, the news started. My news was the best news that day. Mr Muhtar read a summary all of the news and later started to telling my news. My film was being shown behind me. Mr Muhtar asked me the event again on live broadcast. I told everything him and entire of Turkey from Show Televions’s studio.

When the news finished, I was very excited and very happy. Because I was a very famous men tahat night.


           12th December 1997

                                                                                                                   Cebrail TAŞKIN